Liberal Theology

Pluralist, Adrian Worsfold, looking his best

Pluralist has posted an interesting essay on the Episcopal Cafe - Liberal Christianity's intellectual roots - which I commend to you.

Of course the comments make alternative suggestions - that's part of the way with liberals.

You may also be interested in his In Depth Theology Sessions.

And, if you're interested in the future of liberal theology you might like the 2009 MCU Conference - Perfect freedom: Liberal Theology Today and Tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks very much for that.

    It was a good start too: it seems that we will work in the most informal way, that is I'll present a paper each time that will have been read by participants, and then we will talk in whatever way people want. I favour interruptions, that is people stopping me during the presentation for a discussion (not just clarification) that can go on a bit and then resume the rest.

    I think it is possible to open out the closed world of theology. Someone said it's not exactly Sunday School, and this is the point - we really ought to bury anything that looks like Sunday School.

    This does not appeal to everyone, and that's no problem, and there are others of different temperament. But here is a group, and others can come in (and some have), that can discuss things openly without having to uphold anything as a precondition. There are no forced 'ought to believes' or any such, and anyone who tries that will get short shrift. People can say what they like, conclude what they like, and decide to let if affect them in whatever way they choose. That's it.