Votes on the Covenant today

Initial post 18/2/12, amended 19/2/12

Information on today's Covenant votes so far says:

Salisbury voted against:
Bishops: For: 1 (Bishop Graham, Sherborne)' Against: 1 (Bishop Nicholas, Salisbury), Abstentions: 0
Clergy: For: 11, Against: 20, Abstentions: 2
Laity: For: 19, Against: 27, Abstentions: 0
Graham Kings' speech proposing adoption of the Covenant is here.

Portsmouth voted against 
Bishops: For: 1
Clergy: For: 12, Against: 17
Laity: For: 13, Against: 17, Abstentions: 2
Rochester voted against (figures not yet confirmed)

Bishops: For: 1
Clergy: For: 8, Against: 30
Laity: For: 14, Against: 26, Abstentions: 7

Leicester voted against
Bishops: For: 2, Against: 0, Abstentions: 0
Clergy: For: 15, Against: 21, Abstentions: 3 
Laity: For: 21, Against: 14, Abstentions: 4 
Thus it fell in the house of clergy.

By my reckoning that makes 5 Dioceses for and 10 against. Given 44 Dioceses this means 12 more Diocese (of the 29 yet to vote) need to reject the Covenant if it is to fail. This is a good day for opponents but there is a long way to go yet.

Further updates when there's further information.

Also added 19/2/12
From Archbishop Cranmer
The Anglican Covenant was the ‘Tory’ mechanism by which the Anglican Communion might be held together over differences on the issues of gender and sexuality, with the incorporation/adoption/imposition of a bit of papalism to deal with ‘scandalous and ungodly behaviour’ – a move quite contrary to Anglican ecclesiology. Yet the Covenant is being trounced in diocese after diocese as the Whiggish hordes defend their historic liberties.
And from Father Jonathan,
It seems the Anglican Communion Covenant is losing momentum. Arguments in favor are becoming increasingly shrill and unreasonable. Its popularity in dioceses (in various national churches) is quite low. Given General Synod’s rebuke to Archbishops Williams and Sentamu over women bishops, it would seem not even an appeal to the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury will be able to sway the Church of England.

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  1. Note how the bishops still 'out of loyalty or fear' continue to vote in favour.

    But honestly, how can the Covenant possible now have any credibility other than as a highly divisive piece of attempted legislation ... the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be.