Williams, abbreviated

Mr Catolick
You just might like to listen to this clip on Mr Catolick's blog.

It appears to be Rowan Williams talking recently about the Covenant and recorded in an echoing church. It certainly seems to have been edited - I can't image that Williams would really say or think that 'it's going to solve all our problems' - but it's not clear how much editing has been done. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that the original contained considerably more caveats and cautions.

As it is Rowan talks about the Covenant as a 'constitution', with 'punishments and sanctions'. Some of us have been saying this for some time but as a bad thing.

But I would like to see (or at least hear) the original before putting too much weight on it.

Added later from email correspondence: 
It is from the speech to the General Synod in November, with the ‘nots’ removed!  

All the same, it makes a point.

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