Reasons to vote for/against the Covenant - Saturday

Vote for the Covenant - Saturday
Vote for the Covenant to support the Archbishop of Canterbury
Oddly, this is the most frequently stated reason that I've heard for voting for the Covenant.  It seems to be said most often by people who aren't very happy with the Covenant themselves but think they ought to vote for it.

It's a very difficult stance to argue against.  I am all in favour of loyalty, respect, affection, regard.  It is also true that the sustained judgement of leaders in any organization should weigh heavily in any corporate decision making.  (Certainly more heavily than a bloggers'.)

But at the same time members of any governing body are there to exercise their own judgement, to weigh all the factors - evidence, judgement, loyalties, consequences - and to make a decision accordingly.

Vote against the Covenant - any day.
So - no arguments, just a request - please vote for the Covenant if you are convinced that, on the balance of probabilities, the Covenant will be good for the Communion.
Please vote against the Covenant if you are unhappy with it, worried about its implications or feel that there needs to be more time to consider it properly before it's brought to the Synod.
And, if you don't know, or if you are unhappy about the Covenant but do not wish to cast a vote against the Archbishop, please abstain

Vote against the Covenant.

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