Jeffrey John for Bishop?

This image appeared in the Daily Mail under th caption scroll down for more. Makes you wonder.

Jeffrey John for Bishop? Consider the relational consequences if the Church of England appoints a partnered homosexual to the episcopacy.

He and his partner will be under a lot of strain and they will need the prayers of all.

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After the recent flurry of posts I'm now off on holiday for a week away from the internet.


  1. Enjoy your holiday - I can hardly keep up with the flurry of posts - it's good to have you back in business.

    Rowan Williams would have to resign if Jeffrey John was appointed Bishop of Southwark and although he may have let John's name go forward as he (Rowan) chairs the selection process it won't happen. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

    In any case it's a done deal Nicholas Holtam of St Martin's in the Fields will get Southwark. But he's no push-over and has been clear in his support for a sympathetic and open approach to gay people. He did after all have Gene Robinson to speak at St Martin's when he was over here.

    Apropos your previous article. Were Williams to resign, as he will also have to if the Covenant fails in the English General Synod, it will be Chartres for Canterbury as the English establishment would see him as 'sound' five year caretaker.

    In any case the English establishment doesn't care a fig for the Anglican Communion and Chartres who knew it well as the late Robert Runcie's chaplain has little time for it either.

  2. Anonymous7/7/10

    Any Diocese appointing Jeffrey John as Bishop would be extremely fortunate. He has done a wonderful job in St. Albans and is highly regarded. However, I would agree with Penwatch in that I suspect Nicholas Holtam will be the preferred candidate.