I was looking at an article about the export of homophobia to Africa by the religious right (here) which cited SMUG: Sexual Minorities Uganda. Their new website is here, though it's too new to say much yet.

But it does say a lot about the new global world. Just as the religious right can proselytise for their views so others can proclaim their opposition: the technologies that bind us together are also the technologies which enable us to declare and promote our differences.

"There is a lot of misunderstanding about human sexuality," said Ugandan Bishop Dr. Christopher Ssenyonjo, who was expelled from the Anglican Church for supporting gay people. “This workshop is going to bring more conflict, greater hostility, increased intimidation. We need love ... in the long run, love will overcome."

The U.S. religious right has a history of exporting homophobia to Africa. With support from anti-gay organizations and faith leaders such as Family Watch International and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, Pastor Martin Ssempa from Makerere Community Church has attacked not only gay men and lesbians, but also women's rights and HIV activism. Pastor Ssempa has stated, "there should be no rights granted to homosexuals in this country." In 2007, he organized a multi-denominational rally against LGBT rights in Kampala, where one cleric called for the "starving to death of homosexuals."
Bishop Ssenyonjo has long been a supporter of LGBT rights. He retired as Bishop of West Buganda in 1998 and fell out in a big way with Archbishop Orombi when he 'came out' in 2001.


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