How to use Zimbabwean dollars


Yesterday a woman in Harare went to the Tsvangirai home to offer condolences. When she arrived there the entire block was jammed with people, grieving for the loss of the Prime Minister’s wife. She was about to enter the house when none other than Gideon Gono arrived with his entourage of security personnel.

When the crowd realised who it was, they began to chant “Buda, buda” (go away) and spontaneously threw whatever Z$ at him. The unwelcome Governor of the Reserve Bank was forced to beat a hasty and ignominious retreat.

There is a new atmosphere in Zimbabwe. People are outraged at the untimely death of 51 year old Susan Tsvangirai, mother of six and support to the PM. There is no conclusion to the cause of her death, but the feeling is that regardless of the direct cause, Mugabe and his henchmen have blood on their hands - blood which goes back 29 years and will never be washed away, even if they are entirely absolved of blame for the tragic accident that shook the nation on Friday.

The pictures are the latest Zimbabwean funny money:

This is a coupon; the civil service, university staff and others in the public sector are now being paid with these coupons.

Each coupon is worth US$20 - but as you can see, this isn’t printed on the coupon itself. Some coupons have been issued by the CBZ (a private bank) and others, like the one pictured above, are issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (and because that’s Gono, they’re being called ‘goupons’).

Where is it all going? How will it end?


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