Diocese of Harare case in Zimbabwean Supreme Court soon

From The Zimbabwean, 14 April 2012
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A dossier containing shocking details of the persecution of defenceless Christians handed to President Robert Mugabe by outgoing Arch bishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has not helped.
Persecution and violence
Mothers' Union members in Zimbabwe
There have been many instances of persecution and violence. Church members have been tear-gassed and hit; priests have been evicted from their homes and falsely imprisoned; intimidation has been used; care assistants have been evicted from orphanages leaving orphans without proper care. 
Because of his closeness to the Mugabe regime, Dr Kunonga has obtained the assistance of the police to evict clergy, teachers and medical personnel from churches, schools and medical centres. The police, without an authorising court order, have assisted and managed to arrest a number of legitimate occupants. 
The situation today
The legitimate church has repeatedly appealed in the courts against unfair and illegal action, but there has been a lot of delay.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and some African Archbishops visited Harare in late 2011. They reaffirmed their support for the current Bishop of Harare, Chad Gandiya, and visited President Mugabe to provide him with a dossier of incidents of violence and oppression which the diocese has suffered at the hands of Dr Kunonga, his supporters and the police. 
At last, the appeals which the Diocese of Harare has been making to the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe will soon be heard. Scheduled for the middle of 2012, the Chief Justice of Zimbabwe will hear all the appeals in connection with the issue of control of church buildings, which include churches, vicarages, schools and medical centres.
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