Hundreds back asylum seeker to stay on Tyneside

Leonie and Stacey in their flat

Under the headline Hundreds back asylum seeker to stay on Tyneside the local paper, the Evening Chronicle, had a full page feature on Leonie and Stacey and their fight to stay in the UK. Lots of petition forms and a good number of letter have already been sent.

From the article:
The 29-year-old was fleeing her African homeland when she was lured into coming to the UK in January 2008 with promises of a better life.
But when she arrived penniless and unable to speak English, she says she was forced into prostitution, locked up and raped repeatedly.
Smuggled into the country on a false passport, Leonie says she was imprisoned and abused – her child being the result of one such incident.
After escaping, Leonie, from Cameroon, claimed asylum.
The claims she made were investigated by an immigration judge, who ruled against Leonie. However, her supporters on Tyneside, including specialist counselors, have backed her story.

If you have been one of those who have given your support, thank you very much. Please continue to pass on the information to anyone you know who might also be able to help.

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