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Lesley Fellows, moderator of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

After a while, having received no reply, the letter was posted on the NACC blog:
Firstly, the Covenant creates a two-or-more-tier Communion, as we know that some Provinces will not or cannot consent to it. ...  Jim Naughton has said that the Covenant institutes "governance by hurt feelings". This seems counter to the gospel imperative of not judging others, but bearing with them and concentrating on the logs in one's own eye. A two-tier Communion does not represent unity.
Secondly, it seems unlikely that one can 'make forceful the bonds of affection'. ...  The Anglican Covenant is in reality a contract between parties where the trust has broken down. It may seem to you that this is the only way forward, but a better option is to remain a single-tier Communion, allow people to leave if they must, but keep the door open for their return. Any alternative position cedes too much power to those willing to intimidate by threatening to walk away.
Thirdly, in many countries, such as England, centralised institutions are breaking down and being replaced by networks. ... The Anglican Communion, which is a fellowship of autonomous churches, is well placed to thrive in the challenges of this age. If we adopt the Covenant, then we will be less able to be mission-focused in our own culture because we will be constrained by the Communion's centralised decision-making. ... At this point in history, we need more flexible relationships, not a tightening of bonds.
I implore you to reconsider your support of the Anglican Covenant. I have the greatest respect for you as a person of God and for the role of Archbishop of Canterbury. However, I feel the Covenant is in a way like suicide - it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. ...  [here in full]
The letter concludes saying with a request for dialogue with the Archbishop,  I guess that's not going to happen.  After all, the less he says publicly the lower the profile of the issue and the fewer hostages to fortune he will give.  And, anyway, he talks to important people.

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  1. Really the Archbishop should have replied to this letter. The No Anglican Covenant Coalition is an important organisation and might yet scupper RWs plans.

    PS I too shall miss Anglican Information