Good news and bad from the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi

The Venerable Francis Kaulanda

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION: We have received the following letter of invitation to the consecration of the Venerable Francis Kaulanda, currently Archdeacon of Lilongwe, as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi. The letter has been dispatched widely as an invitation and a fundraiser. We have removed the Diocesan Bank Account details for security reasons.


From: Kondwani.
For Diocesan Secretary
Diocese of Lake Malawi
P.O. Box 30349
Capital City
Tel: +265 1 796 463

Dear All,

I am happy to let you know that the Diocese of Lake Malawi will be consecrating the Venerable Francis Kaulanda to be the Bishop of the Diocese of Lake Malawi on 2nd May, 2010.

The function will take place at All Saints Cathedral in Nkhotakota (200km away from Lilongwe,the Capital City of Malawi). The function is expected to start at 8:30 am with the consecration and finish with the enthronement in the afternoon.

The preparations for the function are underway, thus I am requesting all who are coming to attend the function to let us know their details-numbers and names of people coming.

The diocese also offers a chance to them who would like to bless this function through their finances to do so. The support can be wired to the following diocesan Accounts:
1. Foreign Currency Denomination Account:
Bank Name : .........................
Account Name : ........................
Account Number: .......................
Branch : .............................
Swift Code : ...........................

2. Current Account
Bank Name : .........................
Account Name : ........................
Account Number: .......................
Branch : ............................
Swift Code : ...........................

The diocese truly need your prayer and support in cash and kind for her to have a colourful function. Surely, 5 years without a Bishop is not a joke thus we expect this to be such a big and a memorable function which will attract people from all walks of life.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ increase mightily upon your life as you contribute and pray for this function.

Remain a blessing,



comments on the letter:

Good News:

  • There is genuine relief for many that the long misused and beleaguered Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi will at last have a bishop after the death of the late and much loved Peter Nyanja in February 2005.
  • The Venerable Francis Kaulanda, the new candidate, has had a good track record as Archdeacon of Lilongwe and worked well as a Malawi representative for the much-respected Micro-Loan Foundation, a UK Charity dispensing small loans to needy Malawians. High hopes are vested in him.

Bad News:

  • The Diocese of Lake Malawi is in a parlous financial state with clergy and bills unpaid. This is at least partly due to a collapse in confidence on the part of donors following the longstanding political machinations of the Provincial bishops under former Archbishop Bernard Malango and his subsequent protégé acting Dean Albert Chama who have been seen to be interfering with and manipulating elections in Malawi in general and Lake Malawi in particular.
  • In this respect Francis Kaulanda will always carry the burden of doubts about his legitimacy following the never resolved and disputed confirmation of the previously elected bishop. These will emerge whenever things go wrong in the diocese as will the unprecedented number of objectors to Kaulanda’s candidacy and whose views at this stage have merely been suppressed by the Provincial Bishops rather than dealt with.

The next stage – some suggested advice for the new bishop:

  • That the new bishop should work hard at convincing donors that his regime is independently trustworthy and merits a resumption of support.
  • That he should make a serious effort to build bridges with those many in the diocese who have opposed him.
  • That he keep should keep a cautious political distance from the oversight of and association with a Provincial regime that is viewed by many with apprehension and misgiving.

wishes Francis Kaulanda and the Diocese of Lake Malawi well and will continue to update you with news both good and bad from the sadly troubled Church of the Central African Province.

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  1. Anonymous19/4/10

    From:CHARLES WEMBA - Lay Resistance Group

    If the events are in GOOD FAITH and in God's will then fine. But if it is for greed/corrupt goals etc then the mission statement of Christianity is completely lost. No matter how short the time is remaining, the Laity believes that the Truth shall prevail because Christianity is not a political party. Staying too long without a Bishop is much much better than filling the post in a corrupt way for the sake of JUST having a Bishop.

    If corruption has a spiritual blessing then Anglicans should NEVER be preaching against evil deeds; otherwise it will miss the blessings. AMEN!!!

  2. Good point made there by Charles Wemba 'for the sake of JUST having a Bishop'.

    I've just received the latest Anglican Information posting with news of a schismatic 'all expenses paid' trip for Bishop Albert Chama the acting Dean - I hope you publish it.

  3. Anonymous20/4/10

    This "invite" reads like a poorly worded begging letter.

  4. Anonymous3/5/10

    Kaulanda does not deserve to be a bishop in Lake malawi because of the following:
    1. He is a womaniser. Whilst Archdeacon of Nkhotakopta he was involved in a case of sleeping with a wife of an anglican faithful of All Saints Cathedral, and because of this late Peter nyanja transferred him to Lilongswe to be Archdeacon. Sadly the husband of the wife has just died a year ago with HIV Aids related disease. Secondly, he has been going out with a Linga Primary School teacher who is also already on ARV treatment. This person has a history of immorality and as such he is not fit to be a bishop. No doubt some people in the diocese have said he is HIV positive and he will drain money for the diocese when he starts developing multiple diseases because of the HIV he has. People have no trust in him.

    2. There is racial influence in his election. Albert Chame and kaulanda have roots from the same home of Likoma Isalnd on Lake malawi which is why Chama come what mayu he still wants his homeboy to be a bishop.

    3. Kaulanda is not an educated person contrally to what the Canons say that a bishop should be a competent learner. Already there are serious allegations against him that he is having a fake JCE certificate and others say he is using someboby's certificate who has died. Which is why his real surname is not KAULANDA but KUYACHA, he is a son of Mr. Kuyacha and just watch out on the consecration day it will be announced that his parents are Kuyacha not Kaulanda. Investigations have been going on lately to secondary schools where he claimed to have attended on his Curriculum Vitae to establish if indeed he holds any certificates from them but have proved nothing. When Chama ordsered the Vicar General to request his photocopies of his certifiicates, Kaulanda failed to produce. For your information the objectors raised this issue on their grounds for his rejection. So far the issue is already in the High Court waiting for him to say something on his alleged qualifications. This post can not be entrusted upon a person who is not a learned one like Kaulanda. Whether Kaulanda will be consecrated or not the battle agaionst him will still go. He just needs to watch outr.

    4. Kaulanda misappropriated church funds from USPG while Archdeacon of Nkhotakota which were meant for the construction of a pries house in Nkhotakota Archdeaconry. In short these are some allegations Kaulanda has to proof while he is bishop or not.