A view from a Nolbert Kunonga supporter in Harare, Zimbabwe

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION receives various mailings and contacts. Here is one from The Rev’d Tendai Mutongomanya of the Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe carrying a letter from Paul Magaso.

Could the trouble be coming from here? ANCA (Anglican Church of North America) and African bishops gather together in common cause.

If nothing else it gives another perspective but ANGLICAN-INFORMATION observes that this is a further example of how African Anglicanism has been forced to fight proxy wars that have their origin in the social and cultural struggles between conservative and liberal factions in the American Episcopal Church. These wars have also spread across the Anglican Communion and have pitted Anglican against Anglican resulting in often ridiculous and dangerous accusations.

observes that the Nolbert Kunonga faction described below is closely allied to the Mugabe regime and has indisputably been responsible for a great deal of totally unacceptable violence.

Harare Zimbabwe

Be man enough and take a stand!

From: Paul Magaso

‘The situation affecting our Anglican diocese of Harare since 2007, has seen a variety of reactions from different quarters. The resultant split of the Diocese of Harare
[Kunonga faction]
from the Church of the Province of Central Africa over homosexuality, has seen many opting to remain with the province and others going with the [Kunonga] diocese. However, a good number remained neutral, waiting for the dust to settle. I belonged to this middle group but have now decided that it’s time to make a decision.

For the past two years I have been toying with the idea of leaving the Anglican Church completely and joining a Pentecostal Church. The reason for my speculation was that I felt confused ever since the
[Kunonga led]
Synod of August 2007, whereby allegations of sympathy with homosexuality were leveled against the Church of the Province of Central Africa bishops. The Diocese of Harare, after a lengthy debate during the Synod, put forth a bold statement enshrined within an Act, that there would be no acceptance of homosexuality or lesbianism within the church, since it went contrary to the scriptures. This was communicated to us in the churches. It was also noted that many bishops of the CPCA, had started to sympathize with homosexuals.

The response from the Province, which denied that the issue at stake concerned homosexuality, left many perplexed. When Bishop Kunonga was “excommunicated” and priests loyal to him were fired and also cut off from the church by the acting Dean of the province, Bishop Albert Chama, for unclear reasons, that was the last straw for many of us. The church began to crumble and many of us opted to stay at home. We waited patiently for the emergence of the truth. Surprisingly, only Bishop Kunonga, his priests and followers, seemed courageous enough to remain steadfast on their anti-homosexuality stance. Bishop Sebastian Bakare and Bishop Chad Gandiya remained silent on this issue to this day, opting to level unproven political reasons for the chaos within the church. Rumours are rife that evidence in the form of documentary proof exists that proves Bishop Gandiya’s sympathy towards homosexuality, and that some day it will be exposed!

I have come to my own decision, and urge all those who stayed in their homes or joined other churches out of frustration to do like-wise. Homosexuality is a real issue that needs to be addressed and Bishop Kunonga and his followers have taken a position. Bishop Bakare and Bishop Chad Gandiya seem uncertain, and hide behind a smoke screen of politics. I have decided to join the Diocese of Harare headed by Bishop Kunonga and will return to church this coming Sunday. It’s a pity that many choose to continue to attend services under trees or on the hilltops for unknown reasons
[members of the Provincial Diocese of Harare where church members have been forced to worship outside their buildings for fear of intimidation and violence from the Kunonga faction]
. I for one will not emulate such practices since the church doors and gates remain open at the normal times. My challenge to the present Bishop Chad Gandiya is that he should be man enough to tell the world about his stance on homosexuality. His followers have the right to know!’

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  1. Thank you Anglican Information for printing this letter to show a completely different point of view. I would agree, however, with your comments about the dangerous and violent Mugabe regime.

  2. Looking at your photograph of the ANCA bishops. That is clearly the root of the problem as it is in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa.

    American conservative money buys trouble. They are of course pushing on an open door due to the conservative nature of African society and certainly from the Kunonga camp some anti-colonialism.

    What a mess.

  3. Anonymous8/3/10

    It seems your information desk is missing the point in the Diocese of Harare saga. Your EDITORS are at pains to unveil the relationship of Mugabe and Kunonga thereby avoiding the Doctrinal challenges facing the Anglican Communion today as far as the interpretation of the Bible and homosexuality is concerned.It seems CPCA led by Rt Rev Chama have declared that they do not recognise the jurisdiction of civil courts thereby putting the CPCA in a head on clash with the civil authorities. Christians in Diocese of Harare CPCA are persecuting themselves they are instigating violence against themselves by refusing to follow court orders (Romans 13:1-70). aNGLICAN INFORMATION must also not exhibit personal hatred against Kunonga because of his political persuasion. The Anglican row over homosexuality is purely a doctrinal issue. Lets not try to politicise churh issues. It is not a sin that Kunonga supports Mugabe priests and bishops are free to support leaders of thier choice.

  4. Anonymous8/3/10

    it is amusing to note that the Anglican information desk is coming out of its slumber and realising that the anti-homosexual movement is a force to reckon. it is also intresting to note that you have noticed that A Chama the Dean of the province of Central Africa has systematically and stategically placed himself to the extend that he is the Anglican boss in the sub saharean Africa. What sort of a bishop is he? Since the retirement of Malango the province has never been the same. Chama disregards the courts, he is a dictator together with G. Taonezvi the Bishop of Masvingo. If one is called to be a bishop, one is sipposed to revere the scriptures. Wake up the Anglican communion!!!!

  5. Anonymous8/3/10

    Is Kunonga a devil and is Chad A saint? Is the issue betwean Mugabe and someone else or it is a doctrinal issue was Mugabe there when Gene Robnson was consencreted bishop. Was Mugabe there when Rowan Williams Blundered by failing to take a stand on a doctrinal issue was Mugabe there when Chama incited the parishioners to go out of their churchs? Was Mugabe there when Chama Consencrereted Malasa against the Malawian courts? All these blunders and we blame Mugabe

  6. I don't know who 'anonymous' is but I don't think he or she should be criticising Anglican Information who strive to maintain impartiality and post views from a variety of factions. However, I would agree with their comments about Chama. I am sure he fancies himself as the next Archbishop of Central Africa and that would be a disaster!

  7. This has generated a lot of comment and I'm not surprised.

    It's a great pity that American proxy wars are having to be fought out in Africa. Homosexuality was never an issue when I was in Africa and the churches worked well with the UK and the US to get on with the real task of preaching the Gospel and ministering to those in need.

    I blame the likes of both Chama and Kunonga (don't forget that until recently they were great pals) for accusations flying around like confetti and blowing this up into a crisis.

    Let's get back to the real business of Christianity which is definitely nothing to do with civil wars over sexuality.