Degrees of intimidation

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION reports the latest Kunonga incident in Zimbabwe as yet one more amongst a whole catalogue of intimidation, violence and obstruction coming from the self-styled ‘Archbishop of Zimbabwe’ and inflicted on the priests and people of the legitimate Anglican Diocese of Harare, Church of the Province of Central Africa.

From: Trish McKensie, Avondale Parish, Harare, Zimbabwe.


St Mary Magdalene Parish (CPCA) is celebrating its 100th anniversary on 9 January 2010. Today Dr. Kunonga has blocked us from entering the premises despite the fact that there is a supposed a Government of Unity and various court orders. The celebrations will now take place at Arundel School Chapel. Holy Communion will be celebrated by the Bishop Rt Rev Dr. Chad Nicholas Gandiya. Bishop Chad was a gardener at St Mary Magdalene before taking holy orders and served as a curate before being posted to other Parishes in the former Diocese of Harare.

Academic qualifications?

We are periodically asked about the titles and academic qualifications of the various bishops of the Central African Province.

The Rt Rev’d Dr. James Tengatenga of Southern Malawi has a PhD from the University of Malawi and two Doctorates of Divinity (honoris causa) one from the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the South, Austin, Texas and one from the General Theological Seminary in New York.

The Rt Rev’d Dr. Chad Gandiya gained his doctorate from the University of Zimbabwe and has also studied at Michigan State University. He was formerly tutor at the United College of Selly Oak Birmingham, U.K.

Dr. Kunonga I presume? There has been speculation about where Nolbert Kunonga gained his doctorate and we incorrectly ascribed it to the Unification Church (Moonie) Theological Seminary (U.T.S.) in Barrytown, New York where Kunonga taught for a while in the mid 1990’s. In fact he has a doctoral degree from the Northwestern University, based in Evanston, Illinois. We suggest that it is time that the University withdrew his accreditation.

The previous Archbishop of Central Africa, Dr. Amos Bernard Malango, sometime mentor and supporter of Kunonga, claims his doctorate as a DD. The only record we can trace is an Master of Philosophy from the University of Dublin gained in 1984.

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