The Confirmation of Chad Gandiya

From Avondale Parish

KNOW all men that by mundane choice and DIVINE permission that THE CHURCH CONFIRMATION COURT of 02.06.09 confirmed CHAD GANDIYA as the next BISHOP OF HARARE.


The consecration is set for 25th July 2009. We need to continue to pray for Chad and Faith at this momentous time in their lives.

and from the new Diocese of Harare Newsletter (Volume 1, Issue 1):

My dear sisters and brothers we are glad to introduce you to our Newsletter.

We have been waiting for a long time for it because members of our Diocese have been unable to share stories with one another.

There maybe some members of the CPCA who only knew that they could not use their churches and also remained unaware that their fellow Christians have been seriously persecuted, arrested, spent nights in the police cell, tear gassed for no reason except that they are members of the CPCA.

One would have wished to share these stories had we had the means to do so. But in the absence of the communication desk, it has not been possible.

We are so delighted to inform you that with the opening of this new unit in our Diocesan office, we stand a good chance to communicate and share stories that affect our Diocesan life. We therefore invite you to send information that you think is worth sharing with your sisters and brothers in the Diocese.

This newsletter is yours and it can only be of interest if Parishes submit stories for publication. I therefore recommend you to make use of this opportunity.

The coordinator of this desk is Yvonne Munzara who will welcome any information for publication. We are very grateful to the Commission on Communication to have worked so hard to create this instrument.

We believe will help to promote good news of the Kingdom of God.

+ Sebastian Harare


The Diocese of Harare (CPCA) first edition newsletter is proud to announce to all its readers worldwide that Canon Dr Chad Gandiya, was elected the new Bishop of the Harare Diocese. He will be confirmed on June, 2 2009 and his ordination as the Bishop of Harare (CPCA) will be on July 26, 2009.

We say congratulations, Makorokoto Amhlope to the Bishop elect and the whole Diocese of Harare (CPCA).

The elections for the new Bishop were characterized by transparency, clear criteria, and involvement of the whole Diocese, following proper procedures which were formally approved in the 2008 Synod.

The Deputy Provincial Chancellor, Mr B. Stumbles and the Diocesan Registrar, Mr M. Chingore confirmed these procedures to be fully in accordance with the Provincial laws for electing a Bishop. They were carefully taken from the Canons of the Province and the Acts of the Diocese. There was a secret ballot in which electors placed their choice of candidates whose names had been submitted in accordance with the rules. The candidate who received at least 2/3 (two thirds) of the votes was declared elected. In this particular election the Bishop elect came out to be Canon Dr Chad Gandiya.


And from the comfort and ease of my desk I congratulate the Diocese of Harare Communication Desk for this publication. Keeping in touch locally and internationally is food and drink to the vitality of faithful church life.

I will post more from the newsletter here in the next day or two.

In the meantime, if you wish to contact them directly, you can email dhrecpca@ecoweb.co.zw.


  1. This man is potentially a voice of sanity, a breath of fresh air and a new start for a troubled diocese. He might also do some good in the Province amongst the bishops.

    Although on the other hand, once hands are laid on him, he may become practically and metaphorically - 'one of them'.

  2. Anonymous16/7/09

    I pray for Canon Chad as he prepares to take the challenging position. More so in reining in the renegade Nolbert Kunonga who has brought shame to the church.

    Fr Opuka