What about the money?

In my various comments on the Anglican Covenant I have repeatedly noted that no costing and no budget has ever been made public.

The ACC want more money for their activities, noting that previous requests for an increase were not fully met. Mark Harris has a useful analysis: 80% of international funding comes from the US, Canada, England, Australia and new Zealand; 65% from TEC & CofE. His analysis looks at some of the strains this already causes.

High time a budget (or, perhaps, more than one based on differing assumptions about how it would work) be drawn up and made public for the implimentation of the Covenant.

And how it will be paid if TEC and ACoC are relegated to the Conference.

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  1. I think that the Anglican Consultative Council now discussing the Covenant has proposed various moratoria. I can sympathise with those who think that an Episcopal Church moratorium on funding is justified.